Crowdfunding Imminent!

Hi, if you’re a supporter of ours, we’d like to soon ask for your help in spreading the word about our fundraising. Everyone knows how Crowdfunding works these days maybe, but essentially we’d be asking for people to donate to our campaign, without which we won’t be able to complete our project and attend the competition.

We’re going to have some great rewards for the campaign including:

  • exclusive updates for supporters
  • send us your signature/name which we’ll get printed to add to our rocket, so your name at least will travel the same journey as the rocket, even though it’s impossible for you! There’ll be a limited number of these rewards
  • Sponsor an OU50 particle! “What on earth is that” I hear you say…well, OU50 refers to the fact that it’s the 50th birthday of the OU this year, and that’s definitely something to celebrate. Our science experiment we’ll be flying will collect data for research students exploring the formation of planetary bodies. The experiment will have a specially designed camera which will observe the interaction of particles in microgravity. The way we’re celebrating OU50 is to create 50 OU branded particles with particular properties to be mixed in with other types of particle. These will be 3D printed in OU logo blue! This will also make the analysis better later being able to discern these particles from the rest visually because of their colour.

We’ll be posting the campaign once it goes live – we hope by this weekend – it will run for a month, and if we don’t raise the target we’ve set we don’t keep to keep any of the funds.

What we’d like you to do is to be prepared to spread the word, share the campaign on your social media and in emails to anyone curious.

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