So, we’re just about to launch our Crowdfunding on which our projects’ success depends. Without your support, we cannot complete the projects or attend the competitions.

To help inspire some fun ways to donate, we’ve set up various rewards, so we thought we’d just do some descriptions here to get around the limitations of things we can’t fully describe at the Crowdfunding site.

Firstly, there are some T-shirts, limited in number and sizes, but 4 variations:

See the rewards page for specific sizes, apologies it’s a little clunky as it doesn’t allow a dropdown menu or similar, we did a different reward for each colour and size!

For a bit of fun with our payload of icy particles, we’re including 50 branded for the OU’s own colour blue. These will have different properties/dimensions to the other particles so that their properties can be differentiated by the camera when doing analysis, and it’s 50 opportunities for you to sponsor one of the OU50 particles and to get special info and updates on the experiment.

We’ll do more updates as they happen so keep in touch, and thank you for your support.

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