We’re in New Mexico!

So, this is a little different from Milton Keynes! It’s 37 degrees here for a start, and could get hotter, which poses a real challenge for our payload which requires sufficient cooling to produce ice…but we’ll get to that in subsequent posts!

truck 1

So, we rented the largest truck available, and we, erm, kinda of managed to fit the crate into it!

Team member Dave Harris designed and made the crate – a big job, and it’s done a great job so far of protecting the rocket – thanks FedEx too, actually you did a really good job of getting it here in really good time. Rob arrived first, and collected it, loaded and unpacked it  – on his own…it’s 100kg – just saying…

This is how the crate began its journey

and the rocket is now un-packed, and we’re ready for a couple of mad days of preparation before we can think about launching. We’re hoping to launch on the first day, but we also have a lot of things to do before then, so I’d better go get started!

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