SAC 2019 – Launch

After a day of conferencing and networking with fellow teams at Las Cruces, New Mexico we received great feedback on the design. The Judges looked at our payload and asked us about our Science and found our rocket was sound and ready for Launch.

We arrived at the launch site aiming to launch the rocket at 06.00 am local time. After loading the motor at the tent followed by some last minute checks, the rocket was set up ready for launch… And It didn’t disappoint!

Watch it here:

After launch came the recovery. We stayed in the desert longer than we were supposed to, trying to locate the rocket. We found it after 7 hours and 14 miles of walking in the desert heat, only to discover that a failure in the tether meant sadly, we were only able to partially recover our payload.

All in all a great launch and we’re so grateful to all our sponsors and our team for the hard work and support they’ve given us to allow us to take part. We really could not have done it without you!

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