SAC 2019 – Results

Well the scores are in and the team have managed a total of 642.2 points!

There were 109 teams competing, only four of which were Universities from UK specialising in engineering and space projects. The OU student team were successful in being the first UK team to be prepared to launch and scored the highest out of the UK teams.

This was a great achievement for us as it was the our first year of entering this competition and all our hard work was paying off. Sheffield University had already blazed a trail being the first UK team to enter last year, even winning one of the prizes in the 2018 competition.

Around 20 students were involved in developing their own experiments in the rocket, with 4 members travelling to New Mexico, working long days all week to prepare for the launch.

Out of 109 teams, Open University Student team finished 38th, which is amazing for our first ever time at this competition. We’re immensely proud of our team and all their hard work and want to thank all of our followers for their support and encouragement.

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