OU Students – We need you!

Are you a current OU Student with an interest in Science, Engineering or Robotics? Are you looking for a way to connect and network with like-minded people and make friends along the way? Then why not register your interest in becoming part of our team? You could be helping out with tasks involving: coding mechanics... Continue Reading →

Why do rockets matter?

We mentioned this a little in our pitch, but some people have asked why rockets matter, and why is it important that we're doing this. After all, rockets aren't new technology right? So there are maybe 2 good reasons why we think this is a really worthwhile project; firstly because rockets are becoming more important... Continue Reading →

Mars Rover Project

The team is now in it's 3rd year of working on rovers, and are working towards competing in the University Rover Challenge (URC) which takes place in Utah at the end of May 2019. The team built the rover last year, and are now working further on coding and electronics to improve the functions of... Continue Reading →

Rocket Project

The team has been accepted to take part in the Spaceport America Cup. Lead engineer Rob Adlard says "Our rocket is 20cm in diameter, and will launch powered by a solid propellant motor with 10,000 Newton seconds total impulse, experiencing 7G on it's way to a maximum velocity of 600 mph (265 metres per second).... Continue Reading →

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