Can you help us?

So, today we've launched our Crowdfunding campaign. Last year we used Crowdfunding to raise funds for the rover project, and came within a couple of points in our assessment score of becoming the first UK team to go to the University Rover Challenge. This year, with your help we could do better, and make it... Continue Reading →

Recruiting Project Managers!

Today we are launching a recruitment drive for managers to help us deliver our projects. Up until now, project founder Rob Adlard, and then Tom Buggey had run all administration of the projects. What has changed is the addition of the Spaceport America Cup to the University Rover Challenge, and Tom and Rob need to... Continue Reading →

Join Our Team

If you're an OU student, and interest in space exploration, then you can get involved in the team helping them achieve their goals. The OU Planetary Robotics team is one of a tiny number (2 or 3) UK universities that engage with these big international space engineering competitions. We could use your support, particularly if... Continue Reading →

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